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Solar thermal

First company specialized in Repair of Solar Thermal Systems

Are you interested in solar thermal energy? For some time now, it is a type of renewable energy that has aroused the interest of many people who want to be self-sufficient in energy without being dependent on the traditional electricity grid.

En REP-SOLAR They have been fully dedicated to solar thermal energy since 1998, a particular type of energy that what it does is convert the energy that comes from the sun's rays into heat so that it can be used in a home or business to heat water or similar.

But not only are they specialists in solar thermal energy but they are the first company in Spain specialized in the repair of Solar Thermal Systems.

In addition to the repair and installation of solar thermal energy systems, they will provide you with the maintenance you need for this type of installation as well as the necessary guidance and advice for it.

Depending on the Autonomous Community in which you live, you can find out about the aid and financing that exists for those who wish to install a solar thermal energy system in their home.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of this type of energy are very varied, so we invite you to visit the REP-SOLAR website to learn more about it and to learn in detail about all the possibilities that an installation of this style in your home. Not only will you be making use of the sun's energy, but you will also be taking care of the environment, something essential today.

You can contact REP-SOLAR en info@rep-solar.com

Kiara Mendoza Garcia

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Fully dedicated to Solar Thermal Energy since 1998

REP-SOLAR was born with the intention of providing the definitive solution to the great problem of the solar thermal sector: defective or obsolete installations, which never worked well and which have only been a source of problems for their users. We are really surrounded by stopped solar thermal installations, without production of thermal energy, and due to their high cost, it is necessary to make them work.

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