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July 2021 website: plans

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We are living in the full digital age and that implies that all companies should have a good web design, as well as adequate web maintenance and an optimized SEO strategy. In this sense, we want to point out the importance of design, both in terms of functional architecture and functional analysis or the content of each category.

Planitas, the website of the month

This month we want to show you the work done with the Planitas company, which will allow this company to show a dynamic and truly visual image. This, in turn, will result in a more reliable behavior of your visitors, since we have taken into account both the preferences and the tastes of the clients of this company.

Web design

At the time of starting with the design, we were clear that the user should have the possibility to see the entire page with four mouse clicks. Therefore, you can check that the interface is simple and the contents are displayed in an attractive way to the eye. The structure is clear and the typographic resources, together with the colors used, refer to the image of the company.

All in all, we can affirm that the main objective was to renew the appearance and provide a feeling of transparency and closeness, and also to attend to the line of communication that the customer wants to transmit with their products.

A pleasant experience

In this design we wanted to give priority to aesthetics, but without losing a bit of functionality. Both elements are key in the digital field and this website brings them together. In this way, if you visit the page you will feel a pleasant experience, and this comfort will make you stay much longer, which reduces the bounce rate.

Likewise, we have made a clear commitment to usability so that customers can have easy access to the company's services. In addition, the top bar is always maintained, even if we move down with the mouse: in this way, users can always go to the rest of the company's tabs, and we ensure that potential customers have, at all times, a clear information bar and access to services.

Likewise, we wanted to launch a website with a suitable domain, since this also influences the traffic generated. Therefore, the Planitas web space has a simple URL with the same business name.

Clear and accurate information

Another aspect that we wanted to highlight has been the content of this company. For this, we have been specific with the definition of each service, as well as with the choice of current clients, something that generates a lot of confidence when hiring any of the services it offers. All this will have an impact on a better position in search engines.

In short, web design is essential, since it is the cover letter of your business. Therefore, it is necessary to have a company specialized in the development of web pages such as IndianWebs. Improve the design of your website with our help!

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