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Without a doubt, there is no better way than to lead by example. In the realm of web design, this is essential to earn the trust of your clients. On this occasion, we are going to show you one of our latest works, the Rodríguez Villar Group page. Focused on services, leisure and real estate, this important business group needed a website to match, hence they turned to IndianWebs.

Rodríguez Villar Group

With an attractive responsive design, adaptable to any screen format, Rodríguez Villar offers you on its home page the various activities it carries out. In the first place, the various entertainment venues owned by the company stand out. By scrolling to the bottom of the page, we are shown examples of their real estate deals.

At IndianWebs we stand out for applying the latest graphic resources on the pages we design. On the Rodríguez Villar website you can see how we emphasize the visual. Examples of this are the animated header image, the icons and the photo chosen as the wallpaper. It emerges from the text as we scroll down the page. In its section dedicated to arcade machines, you will also be able to see how images and text are animated to attract even more the attention of the page visitor.

This type of images and animations is achieved thanks to the application of technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Using these new tools, photographs, text, sound and animations are seamlessly integrated. We will not only get an attractive and accessible website, but also a site with optimized SEO for the main search engines.

Web design and maintenance

The launch of a corporate website goes far beyond images and animations. In this sense, we must take care that users can easily access all its contents. The Rodríguez Villar website offers you, at the top and bottom, direct accesses to its various sections, as well as buttons that translate the text into different languages.

At IndianWebs we put special care in the usability of our pages and in web maintenance, something that facilitates WordPress, one of the best content management systems. We also offer the possibility of self-managing the web, so that the client himself manages it through a simple menu.

The importance of SEO

Including a blog within a corporate website is essential to attract traffic. It is one of the most effective and easy SEO tools to integrate into a business website. Destining a section to publish news, announcements or any other interesting content for users makes the visits flow. In addition, it improves search engine positioning, which translates into greater trust. On the Rodríguez Villar website we have included the "News" section, where we can find everything from articles on bingo rules to tips for playing slots.

The Grupo Rodríguez Villar business website is a good example of the professionalism of our team. It has been built using the latest web design tools, with special care in offering its visitors a pleasant and visual experience.

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The Rodríguez Villar Group is made up of a group of companies, which cover various fields of action in important sectors of activity.


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