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MARCH 2020 website: Dr Cruz Gimeno

Dr. Cruz Gimeno - Plastic and cosmetic surgery in Barcelona

Beauty is in you, professionalism at Dr. Cruz Gimeno

Drcruzgimeno.com, the best page of the month of March for its web design

For its intuitive and personalized web design; its structure perfectly arranged in different sections that allow you to enjoy a positive user experience; Due to the quality of its contents, which are very useful, as well as the effort made to optimize SEO positioning, at IndianWebs we have chosen www.drcruzgimeno.com as our best website for the month of March.

Optimized for SEO and user experience

The portal of this plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic, whose medical team is made up of doctors Cruz-Gimeno and Alejandra Junoy, offers you all the benefits that any client interested in this service would look for when making a query on metasearch engines such as Google.

With a simple click on the URL of this site, you will immediately know where you will have to go depending on the interests you pursue. This is because the most essential information is neatly laid out on the home page. Contact telephone numbers and email address are perfectly visible in the header, so if you are confused you will not have to make any effort to know how to establish communication with this clinic.

In addition, the tab that is further to the right leads you directly to a screen in which, in addition to the data reflected in the main one, the exact location of the clinic and a form through which you can make an appointment (a procedure really simple).

The client who visits www.drcruzgimeno.com, likewise, will know perfectly what are the treatments to which they can undergo and what particularities each one of them has, from the duration of the intervention to the time of permanence in the clinic and what it will take time to recover.

Good web maintenance, another of its excellence

Another of the excellencies that make www.drcruzgimeno.com has been chosen as the best of the month of March is that the web maintenance is adequate. This page, developed through the WordPress content management system, updates high quality content with a periodicity of around 2-3 weeks, which causes the organic positioning to remain optimized.

In this way, when you visit the web as a client, you will be able to be aware of the latest developments in the sector, mainly because in the news section we strive to offer useful advice, answers to frequently asked questions about cosmetic surgery and its different techniques and treatments, recommendations regarding a healthy diet, tricks to take care of the skin ...

As an ideal complement, social networks are perfectly integrated. You will see that Dr. Cruz-Gimeno's website includes direct links to his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles, channels through which he launches an interesting strategy to publicize his services and attract potential users.

At IndianWebs we are very satisfied with the work carried out and the proof of this is the excellent results that the one that has the privilege of being our best work this month is registering. Irrefutable proof that good web design is everything to take care of the image of a business. Your page is like your business card and your identity for the public.

Signed by our blogger

Institute of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of Dr. Cruz-Gimeno and Dra. Alejandra Junoy

It is located in one of the best Clinics in the city of Barcelona, ​​the Corachán Clinic, in the Sarriá neighborhood

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