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May 2021 website: tdfobras

Rehabilitation, reforms, energy rehabilitation and facilities

Web design of the month of May 2021: TDF Obras

If you want to get a web design and maintenance adapted to your needs, you must hire a trustworthy agency that can live up to your expectations. And that's what TDF Obras did.

At IndianWebs we have chosen this case as a ten result and a reference example. From this site we want to highlight the certifications of the company, as well as its services, works and news. We believe that it is important to collect all the relevant information of a business so that future clients can be informed.

In addition, we have thought it appropriate to add a "Works" section, so that all those interested in the company can see the practical work it has done. Being able to show examples on a web page is key to capturing the attention of the target audience.

Key aspects of TDF Obras web design

Every company has something new to offer, we mean that added value that solves real customer problems. For this, we consider it appropriate to highlight the history of the company, its beginnings, evolution and strengths.

On the other hand, the section on certifications and seals serves to give the company more credibility, so that potential customers can trust it. And highlighting the company's experience is also key to demonstrating your professionalism.

The services are well specified and included in different categories so that, in this way, each person can choose the option that best suits their needs.

Web design conveys the values ​​of the company and that is due to the choice of corporate colors and an organized and clean presentation. We have focused the web on the client's target audience in order to attract them and get them to hire their professional services.

Other fundamental aspects are that it has easy-to-read text blocks, good content optimization, the page loads quickly, it is useful and easy to use and, in addition, it adapts to the different devices from which the user can consume content.

The website also includes calls to action, contact information is prominently displayed, and images are strategically chosen to communicate how the company works. In addition, we have used updated programming languages ​​so that the customer's perception is good.

TDF Works: SEO, responsive navigation and much more

The optimization of the site serves to achieve a good SEO positioning and so that people really interested in rehabilitation services, reforms or installations, can quickly find the company on the Internet.

We have also considered it important to add a news section to inform the client of the news and developments in the sector. It is a way of providing you with added value and that you feel that the company serves as a source of inspiration. In addition, our team of experts has been in charge of providing the website with excellent performance.

If you want to bet on our services ranging from SEO to web design and programming ... do not hesitate to contact us! We want to help you transform your business project into a successful digital experience.

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More than 25 years of experience in rehabilitation

Confidence when putting the partial or comprehensive rehabilitation of the building in which we live in the hands of a company is essential. TDF Obras knows it.

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