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Thigh or breast?

The supporters of the thigh and those of the chicken breast are two totally irreconcilable groups. This debate has not only led to great dissertations with more or less scientific rigor, but it also encourages great family discussions every weekend in Spain. 

Jokes aside, chicken al ast is the star product of Sundays in millions of Spanish homes. The tradition of eating roast chicken on holidays is lost in the centuries, although it became popular between 1950 and 1960 with the expansion of intensive livestock farming. From then until today, the queue at the pollerías on Sundays at noon is a picture that is repeated week after week, like a kind of pilgrimage. 

Many of the chicken roasters in Spain are manufactured by FECA, a family business founded in 1957. In 1983 it began to market them throughout the country and in 1992 throughout Europe and Africa.

In November 2019 they decided to renew their website, which had become outdated in terms of design and content. Simultaneously, they renewed their product catalog and corporate image with Waltex, a leading agency in Barcelona that is our partner in design and branding. 

The web

The new FECA website is very impressive on a visual level. For the company, the most important thing was to present its wide range of products and give the contact information of its different subsidiaries in a clear way. 

Being a leader in the sector, we did not see it necessary to extend ourselves too much explaining the history and background of the company, but we focused on its offer. Thus, products not only have a prominent place in the head, but also have prominence on the home page. From the homepage you can access all the products and you can download the paper catalog designed by Waltex. 

We create a page for each product with all its very well structured technical specifications and a photo gallery to give the user maximum information on a single screen. 

On the web we also include a blog where you can publish company news and articles about the sector. Blogs help to position a website in search engines and, well managed, add value in terms of communication and branding. 

Gerard Hernandez Puig

Our Blogger

Innovation and design

Since 1957, FECA is a family business dedicated to the manufacture of industrial chicken roasters. In 1983, in addition to manufacturing, at FECA we began to market the grills. 1986 is the year we achieved approval for all Series I rotisseries, and in 1995 we became the first chicken rotisserie brand to achieve European approval, for all of our single burner per bar models. Starting in 1992, we moved our facilities to Barberá del Vallés, 15km from Barcelona, ​​and we started the introduction of our products in Europe and Africa.

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