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Comprehensive reforms for all types of clients.

INMOGEM FINCAS and INMOGEM REFORMAS offer a complete service

Reinvent yourself or die

The real estate sector is constantly evolving in the digital environment. In the last 10-15 years many companies have had to reinvent themselves to be competitive. The emergence of large real estate portals and online agencies and the change in mentality and behavior of the end customer, was a turning point and has promoted new business and marketing models. 

Inmogem, since 1995, offers its clients a comprehensive service in homes, premises, farmhouses, hotels and offices. In addition, it works as a real estate agency. This diversity of activities led them to distinguish between two brands: Inmogem Reformas and Inmogem Fincas. 

Being a consolidated business in the sector and with 25 years of experience, they never felt the need to have an online presence. However, in October 2019 they went to IndianWebs to create a website from scratch and totally customized.

The web

From the beginning, we strive to differentiate the two sides of the company. That's why we use two different logos in the header and give each one a section of the menu.

Regarding the renovations and interior design, we have taken advantage of the visual impact of the work of Núria Vergara, manager of Inmogem, and her team, giving prominence to the image. Along these lines, we have integrated the company's Instagram profile on the main page, which is automatically updated.

In the Projects section we have prepared a portfolio with 6 high-quality comprehensive reform projects carried out by Inmogem. Each of them has a photo gallery for the user to perceive in detail the works carried out. Likewise, in the Details section we have selected more specific decoration works to show Inmogem's great capacity to create unique pieces with exquisite taste. 

The Real Estate section is intended for Inmogem Inmuebles and presents the properties managed by the company in a very visual and simple way, giving the user maximum information, optimizing space and taking into account readability criteria. 

On the web we also include a blog where you can publish company news and articles about the sector. Blogs help to position a website in search engines and, well managed, add value in terms of communication and branding.


Kiara Mendoza Garcia

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Custom projects

Interior design and renovation company that offers a comprehensive service, both to homes, premises, farmhouses, hotels, companies, among others. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves, to get out of the ordinary, to exceed expectations, to offer an added value that our printing company leaves in each of the projects we carry out.

Project data

Most relevant successful projects of our web design and online marketing agency. Once the web is finished, we advise on SEO or natural positioning, online marketing, social media and much more.

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