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I have always liked to observe people during a very specific moment in our lives: the moment of taking a roller or a brush and starting to paint a surface, that moment has some magic. Painting is something that renews spaces, that fills them with life, that gives them something like a new opportunity.

Today I come to tell you that I have been lucky to meet a family that is closely related to this creativity. No, it is not a manufacturer of paints ... but rather rollers.

Pentrilo began in the early 50s. The first rollers were made of natural wool and were manufactured by hand, and later sold in the port of Barcelona. Currently Pentrilo is a third generation family company that already has more than one hundred people dedicated to studying, manufacturing and marketing the best products for the painter-decorator.

Do not miss this video if you want to smile for a few moments. It contains a nice wink that, in all likelihood, will take you back to a remote childhood.


SEPTEMBER 2011 website: Pentrilo



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