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September 2021 website: botiquinsans

All medical equipment and consumables for your business and home

The Sanitary Material website

The web design of a company is the cover letter for the client. Therefore, it must contain the most important aspects and have a simple and clear design. With these premises, this month we highlight the website of Sans first aid kit, a company specialized in medical equipment and consumables for both homes and businesses.

The keys to design

First of all, you should know that this website has been designed so that users can find the products easily, especially if it has an electronic commerce section. In this way, we verify that, in a few clicks, we can reach the end of the home page and check all the products.

In the same way, the top bar is always present, which allows us to access the rest of the catalog at all times. With this we get customers to have a reference of which are the categories of the business, in this case of sanitary material. To this we add some refined images and a set of banners placed just below the terms of sale to provide greater confidence.

Do not forget a simple web maintenance

We have also included a design in which web maintenance is easy. Finally, it should be noted that we have reinforced the texts with keywords related to the health field to enhance SEO, a fundamental aspect in any business.

Business values

You will be able to verify that the chosen web design perfectly transmits the values ​​of the company, since we have selected the colors red and white, shades always linked to the health field. Likewise, the presentation is clean and is organized under the premise of orienting the design to the client's target audience and thus getting leads to become sales.

On the other hand, the web space has been specifically analyzed to achieve a good SEO positioning optimization and that people find the sanitary products as soon as they enter the corresponding search engine. In this sense, you have to bear in mind that this target is quite wide, since we can all be sick at any time.

The importance of SEO and intuitive navigation

We have considered adding the various product categories to the top bar so that customers can quickly find the product in question. Undoubtedly, this is key to placing yourself in one of the first places in online search engines.

We have also decided to include a section of companies so that businesses that are dedicated to direct sales can buy lots in bulk. In this way, we increase the traffic on the web both of individuals who wish to purchase health products and of companies that are dedicated to the sale (pharmacies, parapharmacies, etc.).

In summary, the Botiquín Sans page is a clear example of how we do things in Indian Webs. If you also want your web design to stand out from the competition and become one of our websites of the month, you just have to contact us. It's time to digitize your business!

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