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Website of the month April 2021: campinglapineda.com

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324377 Website of the month April 2021: campinglapineda.com

As specialists in web design, we have recently helped Camping La Pineda Salou to achieve the website of their dreams. We have adapted to your functional and aesthetic needs in order to achieve a successful result. In this way, they have been able to boost their presence on the Internet and reach their target audience. Next, we will tell you the characteristics of this project.

SEO and web maintenance tasks

Our task has been to communicate your effort, enthusiasm and passion for nature. The website is aimed at people who want to enjoy a unique environment and spend quality time with friends or family. We have focused on highlighting the different activities they offer, as well as their strengths.

We have ensured that users can easily access the categories that make up their business area, as well as the facilities they offer.

We have also considered it relevant to offer the customer a "What to do" section, so that they have different options and ideas to have a great time while camping. Enjoying a different vacation is the goal of many and with the help of our client it is possible.

Our purpose was for the user to feel comfortable when accessing the web and to enjoy an intuitive and pleasant navigation. For this reason, we have incorporated sections of news, offers ... so that each person can go to the section that best suits them with ease. In addition, the information is distributed clearly and consistently.

The importance of positioning the website to reach the ideal customer

Publishing quality content on a regular basis is essential to achieve good SEO positioning, which is why the web has a blog in which the latest news from the company and the sector are posted. It is a way of keeping the client and potential client informed and attentive to all changes.

We have also added a map so that the place can be easily located. It is very important that people can reach their destination without problem.

We offer quality web maintenance services so that the site works throughout the day and every day of the week. And we make sure that the client has an optimal browsing experience in any format.

Information adapted to current times

A covid-19 info section has been incorporated, which specifies the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology and equipment to be able to clean with steam at 140 ºC, disinfect with dry mist and purify the ambient air in the facilities. In this way, it is recorded that it is a serious company and that it cares about people's health.

This project has all the elements so that the company can get new customers and retain existing ones. Now that you know how we work and everything we can do for your web design, contact us and ask for a budget without obligation, we will offer you personalized advice!

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Wooden bungalows, very bright and comfortable

To spend a holiday outdoors in contact with nature, ideal to disconnect and share with the little ones, surrounded by greenery and integrated into the green infrastructure, very functional.

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