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Website of the month January 2021: joangarriga.com

Humanist Psychologist. Gestalt therapist

May 2021 web design: Joan Garriga Barcardi

We are specialists in web design and, periodically, we collaborate in the realization of projects with which we feel especially satisfied. It is the case of the site joangarriga.com, which has allowed us to promote an ambitious communication approach for this humanistic psychologist and Gestalt therapist who is helping so many people. Do you want to know what this website is like?

A reference work, SEO included

As you are going to see, Joan Garriga Bacardi's professional career is truly impressive. His mastery of humanistic psychology and his continued learning and work with some of the world leaders in this field have made him a proper name of reference for the application, training and development of international psychological care. It stands out, for example, in family constellations, Ericksonian approach, scenic and corporal methods, enneagrams and integrative therapies. He is also the author of a good number of books related to his activities.

When he came to our company, he conveyed to us his need to create a web page that would allow him to publicize his activity, show his personality and professional attributes and position himself on the Internet in an efficient and respectful way with the projected image.

We immediately went to work to guarantee an excellent web design and maintenance, as well as to lay the foundations for an SEO work that began to bear fruit in the shortest possible time. Keep reading!

A cheerful and organized aesthetic

As a visual concept, we bet on a cheerful, clear and orderly aesthetic. We seek to transmit normality and transparency from the first moment, in order to project that closeness and that humanity that prevail in the attention to its audience of this specialist.

The main menu, beyond the Home page, includes five main areas that allow you to get to know Joan Garriga in depth and discover her skills and professional achievements:

  • Biography.
  • Books.
  • Agenda
  • Articles.
  • Contact.

But this website should not only be a showcase and a communication channel. It was also born as a work tool with a private area and the possibility of carrying out online activities through it. In this way, it was intended to become a method of help for people in need. If it may be your case, do not hesitate to go to her.

Technical characteristics

Obviously, any current quality website needs to be responsive. Therefore, this site is accessed in perfect condition from any electronic device. Of course, from the computer, but also from tablets and smartphones.

The user experience is, on the other hand, clean, clear and pleasant. Getting around on this site is easy, intuitive and consistent, so the usability generated is certainly satisfactory.

In addition, SEO work has been considered a very important factor: if we cannot be in the prominent places of searches on Google and other search engines, we are nobody on the Internet. For this reason, this site includes advanced content creation work, as well as another series of technical resources oriented to this end.

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Signed by our blogger

Joan Garriga

Humanist Psychologist. Gestalt therapist. Introduced Bert Hellinger in Spain. He teaches Training and workshops in Family Constellations throughout Spain and in Latin America.

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