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Website of the month February 2021: ortopediagironell.com

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Today we want to share with you a new web design from our factory. We are fully aware that the best way to learn is to study success stories and, furthermore, we know that there is no better promotion than showing a well-made product.

This time we have chosen the Gironell Orthopedics e-commerce, one of the last jobs we have carried out. Do you want to know what makes this website special and how we have approached it? Keep reading.

Distinctive features of this web design and maintenance

At IndianWebs we are not satisfied with doing things well: we seek excellence. For this reason, we wanted to do the rest when developing this project. Gironell Orthopedics is a reference in the orthopedic sector, not in vain it has been practicing its activity for almost 60 years and adapting to the times.

This online store responds, logically, to the digital age in which we move. Its wide catalog of products is offered directly to the public through this web space that guarantees a safe, intuitive and 100% reliable shopping environment.

Taking into account that, in principle, the users who need this type of product are not digital natives, we have chosen to reinforce clarity and simpler usability. Thus, we chose to create 14 well-differentiated product categories, specifically: insoles bonuses, sports orthopedics, magnetotherapy, electrotherapy, mobility, rest, bazaar, food supplements, hygiene, cranes, obesity, pediatrics, daily life and footwear.

Each category includes, in turn, clearly presented subcategories, all accompanied by images that facilitate identification.

The white backgrounds, very much to the taste of current times, the use of a visual grid that transmits order and the incorporation of a product search engine provide a plus of functionality, aesthetics and visibility to this web development.

On the other hand, and in order to boost sales even more, a new features section has been created that includes the latest innovations and additions to the company's commercial catalog.

Other technical features

After creating an attractive site, effective web maintenance is essential. Only in this way can this online store become notorious, visible and attractive to its target audience.

In this sense, one of the most important aspects is organic positioning and, therefore, SEO work becomes a fundamental strategy to reach audiences where they need us.

To this end, the Gironell Orthopedics website includes a blog with quality content, focused above all on information about the orthopedic products marketed, on trends in the sector, on common problems and how to treat them, and on other information related to injuries in sports practice. It is, of course, a very attractive material for the target to which the orthopedic products of this digital store are directed.

Do you dare to take a look at this website? If you are looking for collaborators to carry out an efficient website adapted to current needs, we will become your reference partners. Call us now and put your next web design in our hands.

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