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Website of the month March 2021: xxlhardwear.com

Handmade Jewelery made in Barcelona since 1998 -Men & Women-

Have you noticed the XXL Hard Wear web design?

Like every month, at IndianWebs we love to share with you the web design work that we carry out in our agency. We are specialists in web creation and maintenance, as well as in SEO work, so we carry out personalized projects that offer excellent results.

On this occasion, we want to share with you the website of XXL Hardwear. You should take a look at it because, in addition to a good example of current online marketing, it includes a lot of attractive products for you!

Keys to this web design and maintenance

XXL Hardwear is the result of an initiative shared by Lidia and Christian who, in 1998, set up a jewelry and accessories design company in Barcelona for people with alternative lifestyles. Today it has become one of the most relevant brands in the city in its category. Its main attribute is to create all the pieces by hand.

Its catalog is, therefore, original, differential and very exclusive. When conceiving your online store, we were very clear that we had to respect and transmit those attributes. The balance between conceptual and creative quality, endorsed by three generations of jewelers, and that rebellious character of people belonging to the alternative scene is perfectly reflected in the aesthetics contributed to this website.

On the other hand, in addition to that elegant characteristic visual impact, you will see that we have incorporated a store for intuitive use and with a great protagonism of the articles.

As soon as you take a look, you will realize that it is the products themselves that attract attention in the approach applied. Thus, the user feels comfortable and enjoys viewing the catalog and selecting the references that interest him in his shopping cart. Of course, the entire purchase procedure is carried out in a safe environment and in an agile, comfortable and reliable way.

One of the most striking novelties of this business model is the possibility for customers to personalize the designs of their rings, chains, bracelets or pendants. In this section, Internet users can contact the company, propose what they are looking for through a chat and receive examples of personalized pieces that will serve as a reference.

Great SEO job

Creating an e-commerce is only a starting point. Next, it is necessary to make it known and spread it in that vast ocean that constitutes the Internet.

The organic positioning work becomes essential for this. Thus, we have taken care of the texts and content of the site to the maximum, while we have included a blog that combines current articles on the brand with texts on trends in jewelry, lifestyle and current content on the different celebrations, dates and ephemeris of each moment.

In this way, we are going to bring this digital project closer to its target audience and generate traffic, coverage, orders and customers in a natural way.

Go ahead and visit this web design and, do not hesitate, call us if you need collaborators to start the creation of a website with guarantees of effectiveness.

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XXL Shop

Our inspiration lies in our creative freedom: making all the pieces by hand helps us to respect the production process and its authenticity, which defines us: the experience of three generations of jewelers endorse our experience.

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