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WhatsApp Business as a Customer Service channel at IndianWebs

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IndianWebs launches a new Customer Service through Whatsapp.

All offices of IndianWebs, which already has more than 10 contact channels: telephone, email, chatbot and our open social networks, expand their customer service channels with the incorporation of WhatsApp Business. It is a very useful tool that will allow customers to contact through one of the most used applications currently.

WhatsApp is the most used application worldwide to communicate in all age ranges and occupies the first positions in the download rankings. A large part of the mobile users using this application daily does not stop growing thanks to its multiple advantages and ease of use. In IndianWebs Customer service is a priority, we have our own internal, quality and constantly trained department to offer the best solutions to customer inquiries. With the incorporation of the WhatsApp channel in IndianWebs It is possible to be closer to the client, give faster responses by speaking their language and adapting to current communication habits.

Through the new telephone numbers: 669908724 for the Barcelona-GranVía office, 633965668 for the Barcelona-Lesseps office, 638777110 for the Barcleona-Martaró office, 649023323 for the Retirement office, 606777797 for the Canary-Tenerife office, in addition to the fixed lines. The client may contact IndianWebs by WhatsApp from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. and from 16:00 p.m. to 19:00 p.m. The mechanics are the same as with any other contact, the client will only have to save the number in his contacts and send the query through his usual WhatsApp application. It is a personal service in which robots and chatbots do not intervene, but only people who will assist you and in which it is intended to offer personalized responses according to the needs of each client.

IndianWebs In addition, it has a WordPress plugin that allows you to link the client's website with your own WhatsApp in an easy and intuitive way. So that your clients who access the web can send them a direct WhatsApp. Increasing the number of Leads by 30%.

Advantages of using WhatsApp for IndianWebs customer service

  1. Everyone uses it: Enable this path in IndianWebs It will connect you with a wide spectrum of clients who have WhatsApp as their main means of communication, so they are already very familiar with its use and feel comfortable in this medium.
  2. Allows proximity: WhatsApp enables a more trustworthy link with customers. The level of proximity is higher than in other media such as email, phone call or even social media, which are seen as more "corporate". Of course, although it is a more "relaxed" means of interaction, it is important to maintain professional communication and not fall into excessive colloquialism.
  3. Control is held by the client: most of Millennials they prefer contact by WhatsApp to telephone attention. Why? Because they can have much more control over response times than in 100% synchronous communication. But at the same time, it is not as asynchronous a medium as email. Communication can be immediate, but timing is always on the client's side.
  4. It allows to better track the process: It is very difficult for the user to get a WhatsApp message and not see it. Even when you don't read its content, you know you have received a message. The messages go directly to the user's cell phone, which gives us a much higher opening rate. In addition, even when we do not receive a response, we can know if the person received a message and did not open it, if they read it but they gave us the approval, or if they have not been connected. This allows us to do future actions with much more information.
  5. It can be used as a Marketing tool: Due to this ability to reach, WhatsApp is a very good tool for Outbound Marketing campaigns. We can send images, audios, videos and texts very easily, with a high probability that the client will receive and read it. Of course, you have to be extremely careful not to be invasive and only send messages to clients who may be really interested. WhatsApp has strict rules against spammers and can block the number if a mass mailing is noticed.
  6. It is a good Lead Nurturing channel: As a marketing tool, it is feasible to use WhatsApp to communicate with potential customers with whom we already have contact. Depending on the stage of the sales funnel in which the lead is, we can nurture them by sending them information of interest or personalized proposals that lead them to purchase or re-purchase.
  7. Other uses: Due to its immediacy and high open rate, WhatsApp is an ideal channel to send notifications at different stages of the purchase and marketing cycle. For example, you can notify an upcoming payment due date, confirm a course registration or purchase, in a non-invasive way.

We believe that the future of WhatsApp will be focused on companies

WhatsApp, like other instant messaging applications have already done, faces a new challenge, which is likely to be launched this year, and that is to incorporate e-commerce strategies into its platform in order to be more competitive and bring marks the user.

In this sense, it has already revised its Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy, in order to test communication alternatives between users and businesses. In addition, the fact of joining Facebook or launching new functions such as end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp Calling, or tools for using WhatsApp in a browser or computer desktop, has been in order to improve the experience of the user.

The intention of WhatsApp in the coming years is that users, apart from using the application to communicate with their friends, family and people, can communicate with businesses that are relevant to them. For this, the user must previously accept the latest Terms and Privacy Policy. In this way, for example, you would receive text messages or calls from your bank alerting you to a fraudulent transaction, or notifications from an airline informing you that your flight is delayed.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is a tool with great potential for companies, but will they know how to take advantage of all the functionalities that the App offers them? In an expansion of its services, the tool plans to incorporate e-commerce strategies so that companies have a new channel of communication with users.

Quite a challenge for companies, which must adapt communication to a new social environment in which immediacy prevails.

Welcome to our attention by Whatsapp!

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