A new expansion director joins the IndianWebs team, Miquel Gutiérrez Aparicio

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We introduce you to Miguel Gutiérrez Aparicio. A true professional in the creation and consolidation services of self-employed and micro-businesses. With an experience of more than 10 years of public and private entities specialized in entrepreneurship. He has trained numerous entrepreneurs and franchisees, and has advised hundreds of microenterprise business projects in any sector of activity.

Training and support are the two fundamental pillars of support for entrepreneurs and franchisees and for micro-enterprises. They are generators of their own and others' wealth.

IndianWebs signs an expansion agreement with Miguel Gutiérrez Aparicio. IndianWebs wants to give a boost to its growth through the franchise system with the support of Miguel Gutiérrez Aparicio. Lean on it to print more speed and confidence to potential brand franchisees IndianWebs.

Under this agreement, Miquel Gutiérrez Aparicio will market and distribute the franchise IndianWebs throughout the peninsular territory. The signing of this agreement is part of the expansion strategy that IndianWebs that it is carrying out to achieve a greater presence at the national level.

An excellent professional who is added to our team of IndianWebs and that it has started really strong, providing very good ideas and very successful working methods.

SIt is certainly a pleasure to have you as part of the IndianWebs team.


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