Reinventing WordPress maintenance

The increasing slowness of web pages is one of the problems that the team of IndianWebs we face each other more often. Our clients perceive that something is wrong, that the waiting times are too long, a fact that is clearly worrying. For this reason, our office in the iconic Lesseps square in Barcelona is being specializing in gaining speed on the pages of our clients. Why are the websites slowing down?

To analyze with more precision everything related to speed on a website, we have chatted with Jonathan Rosa : "The malfunction of the pages is mainly due to the installation of many plugins. To this is added that our clients are unaware of basic tools to optimize. Any simple measure that any user can carry out would be reduce the weight of excessively large and heavy images o do not upload videos directly to WordPress”, He explains.

The intervention of IndianWebs, key to optimize your page

Obviously, to take more specific measures that require more advanced knowledge, the help of our experts is needed. But before carrying out any action, it is essential to find a good diagnosis. So the first thing we do with a page is scan it with tools like GTmetrix o Pingdom Tools. These applications carry out a very fast analysis of our web pages. Copying our URL in their portals, they give us a note that ranges between A, if the speed is excellent, and F if it is very poor. In addition, they offer different solutions and tips based on that analysis.

The WPO, basis for the positioning of our website

After diagnosis, a key element enters the scene. Its about WPO, a concept that comes from the acronym in English Web Performance Optimizations, ie the optimization of the performance of a website so that it loads as fast as possible. This factor is absolutely fundamental. As Jonathan recalls, "we must always bear in mind that a website or blog with a nice design but poor optimization is useless".

Therefore, the WPO is one of our great allies. Takes care of analyze and propose changes to optimize the loading speed of a website and reduce the time in which users can fully view it. This greatly improves their browsing experience, which translates into an increase in their profits for the company.

The WPO also consists of a good structured content, a clean and tidy code, a good internal linking policy And a long etcetera. But if we put the focus back on the loading speed, we have to take into account the images, the amount of content, a minified code, a good server, a gzip compression, a correctly specified cache and a CDN.

And what is a CDN?

Well, this is a type of computing infrastructure in which several computers distributed geographically in different data centers are interwoven. These store part of the information and content of the websites and will serve them to the end user.

Its advantages are improving server availability (uptime), The traffic load relief of this the provision of a further security barrier against computer attacks and logically the improved performance and charging times. This is because the CDN stores part of the information and content that users request. Thus, there will be copies available distributed in various parts of the planet.

The end user will be served from the copy that is closest to him physically. Jonathan Rosa He states that “this is especially useful for web pages that receive traffic from different geographical areas. For example, if in addition to the European market you go to the Latin American market, a CDN can greatly improve website performance".

WP Super Cache, our recommended plugin for WordPress

A slow website can lower you a lot in the Google ranking. But also, if a user enters a website that takes a long time to load, he will hit the "Back" button and we will see how he runs to another page. But that is already over. Next, we teach you the best plugin for your WordPress in our opinion.

Following Jonathan's explanations, “First, you should bear in mind that when someone accesses your WordPress website, a large number of requests are made to the servers where it is hosted. This is to load the CSS files, images and Javascript, in addition to the queries to the database to obtain the content of each page ”, he comments. " Therefore cache plugins are very important, since they generate static HTML pages so that you do not have to make that large number of queries to the database and the server where our website is hosted. This drastically reduces the charging speed of the same", Add.

In this case, WP Super Cache it is a relatively simple and ideal plugin to perform the function we are looking for. For those who do not have too advanced knowledge about the use of this type of tools it will be quite easy to understand. The first step to start it is to download it from the plugin repository, and once done, activate it. When it is already running, it will notify you that the cache is not activated, so you must configure it.

Once this is done, go to Settings> WP Super Cache. There you will see several tabs that you can use to configure the plugin. With this, your page will start working like never before!

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