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April 2021 website: Mmrelate

Organizational process consulting and personal development tailor-made for individuals and corporations

Web Design of the Month: Mmrelate.com (by IndianWebs.com)

As experts in web design, we have recently helped MM Relate, a company specialized in executive coaching and mentoring for individuals and organizations, to launch its new web platform. In the next sections we will explain what its characteristics are and what values ​​it intends to convey.

Design and web maintenance of MM Relate

In each project, we try to start from the existing brand infrastructure in our client's organization, to generate an integrating web experience that synthesizes its commercial and corporate message in a robust and intuitive way.

The company founded by Margarita Martínez champions consulting projects for personal and corporate development from a close and proactive approach, based on «listening, understanding, inspiring and providing energy». It was vital, therefore, to inspire that predisposition to guardianship from the outset and offer a detailed breakdown of its different competencies, differentiating two well-defined lines of business: individuals and companies.

Impact Home

The introductory page should always be able to motivate a "wow" effect on users. In their first 5 seconds of navigation, they must be captivated by the brand. Well, in this case, we have opted for a header with image slider and motivating text messages, to reinforce the ability to capture the first hit of the web scroll.

Responsive navigation

Nowadays, any web project worth its salt must be completely responsive; that is, adaptable depending on the device on which it is viewed. The MM Relate website provides an optimal browsing experience in any format and provides special settings for each resolution.

UX (user experience)

We have also taken care to create a clean user experience, which favors the usability of the platform. Each step of the user has been planned in advance so that the circuit that he completes during his visit is coherent.

We have not forgotten about SEO

At the SEO level (search engine optimization), we have tried to create a solid and content-rich architecture that meets the needs of the main search engines in terms of positioning. On the other hand, we have implemented a blog, which will be the strategic spearhead through which to take over new lexical niches and keep the brand's audience updated on the most relevant news in the sector. This section of the web, by itself, is the central resource of the content marketing strategy and, also, is a repository of possible publications for social networks.

From IndianWebs, a web agency with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​we help our clients transform their business project into a truly digital experience. In one initiative, we bring together all the elements that can place your brand on the Internet: domain, hosting and quality web design. In addition, we take care of the maintenance of your website and implement an agile and intuitive platform management tool: WordPress, the content manager par excellence. And finally, we boost your SEO; that is, your ability to position yourself among the first results that Google offers for keywords relevant to your sector.

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