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Business Classroom

Project carried out in the Urquinaona office

It is summer and maybe you are thinking of expanding your training. So, taking advantage of the fact that you are now on vacation away from the office, you have started looking for a course that allows you to specialize, progress and improve your curriculum ...

Betting to go one step further. To reaffirm your position you decide to get on the bandwagon of new technologies and undertake a distance course. You've heard of the benefits of being able to learn at your own pace, where you want, when you want.

And this is how, browsing an endless number of websites that address the subject of distance learning, you begin to easily identify a series of cliches, topics, common places. At this point is where the website of Business Classroom stands apart from everything known. Speaking with the team behind this website I discover their insistence on not focusing on the profile of the executive who only thinks about work. They like much more the idea of ​​being able to reconcile work life with family, the idea of ​​enjoying time, doing things rigorously but at your own pace. Ah, the balance!

From the conversation there is a phrase that I rescue: "we work to live better"It is not that I need more explanations but I think that there are truths like temples that we often forget.


JULY 2009 website: Business Classroom



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