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March 2021 website: Palique Bar

Palique, wine bar, tapas and brewery

Palique Bar web design analysis

Palique Bar web design analysis

It is said that "there is only one first time to make a good impression", for that reason, a good web design is essential to capture the attention of any user. One of the fundamental aspects when creating a website is design. On the one hand, we have the information architecture, or its functional analysis; and, on the other hand, the content and SEO positioning.

Palique Bar, the website of the month

This month we are going to thoroughly analyze the Palique Bar website. Just entering will attract you with its fresh image, because it is highly visual, as well as its intuitive menu. For this design to have been effective, we have taken into account the tastes, preferences and requirements of our client.

Web design

The graphic proposals and creativity come from our highly qualified design team, which has taken up the idea and developed a clearly defined structure. The photographs and animations, together with the typographic resources and the colors used, acquire a special prominence, which differentiate this web portal from its competitors.

In short, it can be affirmed that the main objective has been to achieve an attractive appearance, which helps to transmit the values ​​of the brand and business philosophy, attending to the line of communication that the client wants to transmit.

User Experience

In addition to aesthetics, we have been concerned with functionality, a key factor in the digital environment. When a user enters a website, they perceive a large number of different elements, which invite them to interact with them.

We have been concerned with usability, as the name suggests, providing the user with access to a product, service or digital content in an intuitive way and that does not generate confusion. At the top appears the menu with information about the menu, image gallery, Instagram as a social network and a blog to offer updated information. And, at the bottom, we can access the legal part and contact information of the company.

Domain and hosting

The choice of domain and hosting for your website are two fundamental elements. Choosing a bad domain or poor hosting also affects our brand. In this case, the chosen domain is the commercial name of the business.

Regarding hosting, the solution that best suits this company has been evaluated according to the type of website and the elements that had to be included.

Valuable information

A determining element in all sites is their content, which will vary depending on the type of website and the business on which it works. Two parts are clearly differentiated: on the one hand, we have a corporate proposal; and, on the other, it is related to the more commercial aspect.

The quality of the content is very relevant, because it will influence sales and user perception, as well as web positioning in different search engines.

Ultimately, web design is essential, because it is our cover letter. At IndiaWebs we care about offering you the best web service and maintenance. Contact us if you have any questions!

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Palique bar, beers, wines, tapas, laughter and lots of chatter! in C / Mandri, 25

We are the cousins ​​of @quillobar @chicobar_bcn

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