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May 2020 website: Bornisimo

"Know to do".

We want to be a company with a spirit of service, open and close to a society that generates trust.

Web design is very important for a business. We know that it is vitally important for companies and businesses to have a professional website on the Internet. A space that reinforces the corporate image of that project and that connects with the target audience. Therefore, we accompany clients in achieving this goal. One of the latest projects we have carried out is the Bornisimo website. A work that we analyze and that we present to you in the next few lines.

The importance of SEO

Bornisimo is a point of sale that offers a wide variety of differentiated products in different categories and that make up the catalog of this space on the Internet. A catalog organized around different products: footwear, backpacks, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, hats, wallets, belts, art and decoration make up the offer of this point of sale.

Bornisimo is a store located in Barcelona that also provides online sales service to customers. Each product is accompanied by a description of its details. In addition, the presentation of each product shows different images with various perspectives.

Keep in mind that one of the advantages of a web page is that it receives visits from clients who live in different places. Therefore, this website is translated into English, a fact that reinforces the positioning and visibility of the project on the Internet.

Sections of the online store

The About Us section brings together the essence of this project that shares its history with the target audience. In this story, the exposition of the mission, vision and values ​​that guide Bornisimo's teamwork acquires special relevance. This project values ​​artisan work through products that have been made from this production process. Products that are the expression of the search for quality and attention to sustainability.

This web page organizes the most relevant information of the project in differentiated sections that allow a pleasant user experience. As we have said, the About Us section summarizes the presentation section. In the space for providing contact information, you can read the different forms of communication available. Finally, the sales section stands out for its selection of discounted products.

You can also direct your search for information in a personalized way based on your interests using the "search" option.

Web maintenance service

As you can see, Bornisimo's web design conveys a current image. This is a project that we have recently collaborated with and that we share with you today. We have created this professional space that takes care of its visual aspect, as we have expressed in the description of this work. In short, we accompany clients and provide web maintenance services.

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We work with a cohesive human team committed to the environment.

Concept Store based on the concern of its founder to combine very different products in the same space, but with a similar “know-how”. Being able to find products from artists, artisans or design brands, local and from different parts of the world.

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