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Bakery and Pastry Products

Bakery and Pastry Developments

Founded in 2001 in Barcelona, Catespan They start from the making of breadcrumbs. 10 years later, in 2011 is when they take the step to become a company that provides mraw materials and ingredients for both bakeries and pastry shops. All this, thanks to the possibility of incorporating a human team into its production lines with great experience.

And it is last year, in 2017, when its new range of products was born CatesMix, high quality artisan bread products with a unique flavor and color in their sourdough. In addition to making artisan bread, they also make pastry products.

Creating CatesMix Its purpose is to be a collaborator of companies in the bakery and pastry sector, thus helping in the development of products by making all the technology and experience of Catespan available to them together with its R&D department.

With all this, you can create customized products for the industry.

During this year 2018, the objective is position CatesMix as a benchmark in the national market, always maintaining its maxims of innovation and quality in its products.

If you want to know more about them, we invite you to visit their website and see what they can do for you in the bakery and pastry sector.

We wish them every success.

Kiara Mendoza Garcia

Our Blogger

Our bakery and pastry mixes are the recipe for success of many bakers

Hand in hand with our master pastry chefs and bakers, Paco Romo and Narciso Durán, we have managed to offer our clients a product with continuity and without competition in the market, many times anticipating needs and generating products designed exclusively to satisfy the demand for our clients, whatever the geographical area where they are.

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