SEPTEMBER 2019 website: Envelliment Saludable

Aging is one more stage in a person's life cycle. How we do it has a lot to do with the trajectory of each one.

Those who really love life are those who are getting older.

"When they tell me I'm too old to do something, I try to do it right away"

This is one of the dozens of famous phrases that the painter Pablo Picasso pronounced. Aging is a huge concern in our society and a taboo subject for many people. Loneliness, health, loss of abilities and homesickness make many people fearful of aging. Likewise, we have more and more information and means to reach old age in good conditions and enjoy it in a healthy way. 

According to the WHO, healthy aging is the process of optimizing physical, mental and social health that allows older people to participate actively in society without suffering discrimination and enjoying a good quality of life and independence. 

27 years working for healthy aging

The Fundació Agrupació is a non-profit organization that develops projects aimed at older people, people with functional diversity and children. Among the initiatives for older people is the website It is an informative portal with information, recommendations and articles on health and other areas related to old age. 

In 2014 the foundation came to Indian Webs to create the page from scratch and in September 2019 we carried out a total renovation, both in terms of structure and content. 

The web

As it is a space aimed at older people, we have enabled three buttons for the user to choose the size of the web, thus making it more accessible. 

In this line, large images and short and simple titles of medium-large size predominate. In fact, all the design and content is designed to make navigation as easy as possible. 

At IndianWebs we love challenges and carry out projects of all kinds. This was especially encouraging because of its social background and knowing that we would help people improve their quality of life. 



Kiara Mendoza Garcia

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Aging with better quality

Healthy aging is defined as the process of optimizing physical, mental and social health opportunities that allow older people to actively participate in society without suffering discrimination and to enjoy a good and independent quality of life.

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